How to Troubleshoot Your Broken Forms:

  • Review the form is on the page correctly.
  • Check the snippet of code you entered on the page where you wish to display the form. Are there any missing code sections that need to be replaced?
  • Review the snippet of code and identify if you have the correct form I.D. number.
  • Check to make sure the correct email address has been marked as the form recipient within the form settings. We recommend having 2 emails connected to the form to identify if the issue is occurring because of the email address, the website, or the server.
  • Run a test to see if the form is processing correctly into the connected email.
  • Check your email spam filter. If found here, tag as not spam.
  • Review any recent code changes you have made to your website
  • Review the settings within your Gravity Forms plugin to ensure they have not been changed after an update.
  • Check to see if you have updated any other plugins which could be conflicting with your forms.
  • Review when the last form submission was received to understand when the problem started to occur.

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